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Stone Coatz Selections

Our six main Stone Coatz colors can be used as is or be blended to create a custom look.  We have even more Stone Coatz colors available.  Our QUARTZSTONE COATZ colors are endless and we have a catalog to show you those.

Be sure to set an appointment to see ALL of our color selections up close!  We all know the colors here are not exact representation of the stone!


Stone & Quartzstone Coatz' pebble-like surface is an excellent solution for any cracked and old or ugly driveway, walkway, pool deck, porch, or even garage floor!

Stone Coatz is by far our most popular resurfacing product and ideal for the home owner! It can have a major impact on the appearance and resale value of a home.

Stone Coatz uses a blend of natural stones and a specialized epoxy.  This system creates a beautiful, non slip but smooth surface. It is a highly repairable surface that will look beautiful for years to come! Cracks, gouges, and uneven edges in your concrete, which pose a higher risk for accidents, are covered, with a decorative and customizable overlay, resulting in a smooth, uniform, and beautiful new surface.

Stone Coatz holds up against freeze/thaw cycles, stains, chemicals, and has a quick walk and drive cure time.  Contact us today for more information, and be sure to check out the pictures!


Stone Coatz &
​Quartzstone Coatz