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Stain Coatz Selections

These seven main colors are where we start to create your custom color for your surface!

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Colors & Design

Top Coatz - Surface Coating Systems

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Orchard Red

Mesa Brown

Sierra Black

Stain Coatz gives you the acid stained concrete floor look without the acid! It is and environmentally-friendly, water-based concrete stain product designed specifically for acrylic concrete overlay systems, in addition to concrete surfaces. 

Stain Coatz penetrates the concrete, adheres to the surface, and is self-sealing. It can be used to stain or color the surface of any porous substrate such as, but not limited to: wood, concrete, acrylic, and modified coatings (overlays, acrylic deck overlays, acrylic modified concrete, and paint). 

Whether you have an existing concrete surface that needs restoration or a new concrete surface, Stain Coatz beautifies a concrete floor. It is a permanent concrete stain product that transforms plain concrete into a natural earth, or artistic tone. It does not cover up existing surfaces like a conventional stain or paint, but instead it blends and flows with the concrete. This gives it a mottled or variegated look, unique to each surface. It is ideal for blending and coordinating any type of décor!

Stain Coatz

Heart Red

Rustic Yellow

Royal Blue

Forest Green