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Rubber Coatz Selections

Rubber Coatz  come standard in 16 standard solid colors and can be blended into custom colors. Rubber Coatz can be bold with eye-catching designs because of the solid color rubber chips we have available. The color won't fade and your surface will be non-slip and have excellent traction in all weather.

We have custom blends to help you choose!  Ask for details.

Azul   .   Bianco   .   Crema

Galaxy Brick   .   Galaxy Brown   .   Galaxy Green

Kashmir   .   Paridiso   .   Viridian

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​​Rubber Coatz is the most durable product Top Coatz has to offer! It's excellent traction and customization make it an ideal coating for many surface types including: pool decks, driveways, porches, garage floors and much more!

The flexibility of Rubber Coatz makes it our most durable and longest lasting surface coating with the least amount of maintenance required. It can cover concrete, asphalt, pavers, boat decks, and many other surface types.

Rubber Coatz utilizes TPV crumb rubber and a  binding agent.  It gets troweled out smooth approximately 3/8" thick, and firmly bonded to the surface below it.  It can also be stamped, with standard concrete stamps, to give an even more detailed look!  Our rubber is synthetic and colored all the way through.  It is extremely consistent from batch to batch, so no worries about color change like with other crumb.  

Rubber Coatz

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