Quartzstone Coatz

Unlike Stone Coatz, Quartzstone Coatz offers even more selection for porous stone surface coatings. With more options for binders and textures, Quartzstone can be even more versatile and decorative than regular Stone Coatz

Krete Coatz

This coating system can be applied in a way that mimics all sorts of architectural stone surfaces including, granite, tile, slate, and wood. Texture and design, complete with a protective coating. Perfect for indoor AND outdoor applications.

Stain Coatz

This is a perfect solution for any ugly concrete areas needing refreshment! Offering a variety of colors, each surface will result in a unique stained look and sealed with a weather-resistant seal coat.

Porous Coatz

This revolutionary paving product is great for nearly any outdoor area. Rubber chips combined with rock and binder, create a flexible non-slip surface. Water is able to flow freely through the surface to the ground beneath, and the system is stuctural.

Metallic Coatz

This shimmering epoxy coating creates a unique look for every surface. The metallic coating is a self-leveling epoxy coating that will beautify any surface. Perfect for commercial and residential sites!

Quartz Coatz

This is a great coating for surfaces including, garage floors, commercial buildings, recreational areas, industrial sites, hospitals, ect.. This coating is very versatile and it's epoxy sealing system makes it extremely durable.  

Mica Coatz

These flakes can mimic marble stone surfaces without the high cost! Ideal for concrete patio counter tops and available in many different shades, complete with a waterproof epoxy seal. With some added texture, Mica Coatz also looks great on a garage floor.

Rubber Coatz

Our most durable and long lasting surface coating with the lowest maintenance! A blend of colored rubber pellets combined with a polyurethane binder to create a rubber mat like surface with excellent traction and flexibility that can mimic almost any style.

Mulch Coatz

This "rubber mulch" is a fantastic addition to any flower bed! Its porous design lets water flow through freely and keeps plants watered without mold growth. With a little additional padding, it makes a wonderful and safe playground surface for children!

Flake Coatz

This coating system is most popular in garage floors or even commercial business areas. The beautiful, multi-colored flakes are chosen to your custom design and the surface is coated entirely and sealed with our ideal epoxy sealing system.

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Stone Coatz

By Far our most popular surface coating system! Combines highly refined pebbles with an epoxy binder, troweled smoothly and skillfully over a surface to create a beautiful and decorative solution to cracked, ugly, or old surfaces.

Top Coatz - Surface Coating Systems are ideal for the homeowner for their versatility, customization, durability, and our dedication to quality product performance.

We offer a variety of solutions for a wide array of unsightly surface problems. Our authorized dealers are designers, ready to walk you step by step through the design and installation process of our products. We will find the perfect surface solution for you!

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