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Porous Coatz Selections

One of Porous Coatz' biggest features is its highly Porous structure. Porous Pave allows large amounts of water to drain through it, thereby minimizing the amount of water volume directed to storm drains, basins, and other areas of drainage, eliminating puddles in low areas and allowing the water to soak evenly into the ground beneath. The non-skid properties of Porous Coatz combinded with its water storage capacity, makes it safer than most other products in similar applications.

Contact your local Authorized Top Coatz Dealer to set up a consultation to see Porous Coatz samples up close and in person to determine if it's the right product for your surface needs!

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​​​​​​​Porous Coatz is a revolutionary paving product made from recycled tires, aggregate, and urethane binder. It is highly permeable, allowing large amounts of rainwater to pass through to the ground while also providing a hard surface.

The 50% rubber content allows Porous Coatz to remain flexible, which reduces chances of slipping and eliminates cracking, especially in freeze/thaw cycles. It can be used in parking lots, driveways, and other high traffic applications. It will withstand low speed vehicle traffic and is also resistant to snow plow damage!

Porous Coatz is installed 1" - 2" thick and is ideal for pathways, patios, trails, and other pedestrian applications an can even be poured on existing concrete/asphalt areas.

Porous Coatz

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