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Metallic Coatz Selections

Metallic Coatz colors are able to be 

installed individually or use 2 or more

colors on one application.

The "depth" you will see depends on

the color due to the amount of 

​pigments in the metallics.


Metallic Coatz is an epoxy surface coating system for floors, counter tops, or other horizontal surfaces to create a one-of-a-kind unique design to enhance any epoxy surface coating.

Metallic Coatz has many advantages over other concrete coating methods. Unlike acid stains and standard coloring methods, the pigments in this metallic epoxy reflect light rather than absorbing it, creating incredible depth and dimension.

Since Metallic Coatz’ unique fusions of shimmering colorants are influenced by the epoxy used to coat the floor and the condition of the substrate they are placed upon, many different and unique visual effects are possible!

Metallic Coatz is ideal for residential use, office complexes, commercial areas, lobbies, or other light industrial epoxy applications.

Metallic Coatz

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