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Krete Coatz colors are available in stock colors but we can create a custom blended color, unique to your project.

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Krete Coatz overlay system is a patented acrylic and epoxy-cement material applied over existing concrete to beautify and create an amazing surface. This versatile decorative decking material can be installed using a variety of stencil patterns and colors.

Krete Coatz is a dynamic way to combine color, texture, and architectural design with a protective coating. When sealed this systme makes it easy to clean. It’s Ideal for residential or commercial use without the costly expense, especially when comparing it to pavers, slate, granite, and natural stone. It has diverse functionality as it can be applied outside to pool decks, driveways, patios AND indoors to places such as hotel lobbies, shopping centers, museums and retail stores.

Krete Coatz can be applied in various patterns and shapes to create unique designs that resemble marble, stone, granite, tile, slate, or even wood that are longer-lasting and tougher than concrete. With such versatility, Krete Coatz can match any color or texture and design you are looking for!

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