Color Options vary by from Dealer to Dealer.

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Color Options vary by from Dealer to Dealer.

Contact us today for more information.

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Quartz Coatz

Quartz Coatz are installed similarly to Flake Coatz but offers an even more vibrant looking and durable system!

Beautify bare, ordinary concrete or restore old, worn, cracked, and stained concrete with Quartz Coatz! The properties of the quartz make beautiful and durable surfaces! This coating systems is very popular for garage floors, business showrooms/offices, and entryways.  Anywhere extreme durability is needed, Quartz Coatz is your answer.

Quartz Coatz is 100% customizable to your unique style and color preferences!  


Flake, Mica & Quartz Coatz surfaces are typically coat the entiresurface therefore we want you to be 100% satisfied with the coverage and color choice.

Find your perfect color blend for your surface coating or create a custom blend and we will have a sample color (or two or three!) delivered right to your front door.

Select which color Blends you like or use the Design Tool to create your very own mix of colors! (for Flake Coatz only online)

Our Authorized Top Coatz Dealers are determined on getting it just right! Be sure to contact your local dealer to set a free estimate consultation!


Flake Coatz are acrylic chips and more common.  Mica Coatz are natural mineral flakes and have a more metallic look to them.

Flake/Mica Coatz floors have been around for years are extremely popular in both residential and commercial settings. These flake chip floor system is seen in many environments because of its pleasing aesthetics, decorative appeal, and most importantly its strength, durability, and ease of maintenance.

This high performance seamless floor system is made up of epoxy and multi-colored flakes. It is then coated with one of out top coat sealers.  We utilize a 2 day installation for a quality (not quantity) installation! 

Typical applications include but are not limited to: garage floors, table tops, laundry rooms, front door entryways, retail stores, retail showrooms, public restrooms, restaurants, automotive bays, industrial warehouses, and office spaces & buildings.

Flake & Mica Coatz 

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